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In person worship starting November 7th!

  We are excited to announce that we are back to in-person worship starting this Sunday, 7th November at 11am! We want to welcome everyone back and also extend a warm invitation to all our new friends and visitors. Please join us in our worship and draw closer to our gracious Lord. We wish everyone would be bonded in the fellowship after such a long time. We look forward to see all of you! 

"The Cross of the Savior" - a new 12 weeks series

Starting from 4th of April, we will be teaching a new 12 weeks series entitled "The Cross of the Savior". This series draws lessons and convictions from the book with the same title " The Cross of the Savior " written by Mark Templer. This book has helped many people to gain different perspectives of the cross from Jesus and even those that surrounded the cross. Join us to learn more about it!